Boost Your Native Advertising Strategy Through the Power of Retargeting

Boost Your Native Advertising Strategy Through the Power of Retargeting

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In our value-driven consumer age, targeted content is the most effective means of connecting with your prospects in a way that yields real results.

With ad blockers on the rise and search engine algorithms favouring brands with substance to their promotional efforts, native advertising has emerged as a potent part of any modern marketer’s toolkit.

The highly-targeted, unintrusive, and value-driven nature of native advertising encourages solid levels of engagement, consistent click-through rates, and an excellent return on investment (ROI). But, that isn’t where it has to end.

By embracing the power of retargeting, you can squeeze maximum value from your various native advertising campaigns.

Retargeting empowers marketers to create promotional content for those that have previously interacted with their ads, website, or any additional promotional touchpoint. And it works.

Here we consider what retargeting is, why it’s important and how you can use it to add a new layer of depth to your native advertising activities by capturing users at various stages in the marketing funnel.

Let’s start with a swift explanation of retargeting.

What is ad retargeting?

Retargeting, or ad retargeting, is the process of developing targeted adverts aimed at users who have previously engaged with your brand and haven’t yet converted to a sale.

By leveraging user data to your advantage (insights based on how a person has interacted with your native ad), it’s possible to create seamless promotional content to recapture their interest at another stage of their journey where they’re likely to be most engaged.

Essentially, by earmarking the right customers, you’ll gain the ability to create well-placed customized advertisements when they’re next browsing online.

While some consumers will interact with a native advert and convert immediately, others will ‘bounce’, heading elsewhere for various reasons - and retargeting will help you spark the attention of these ‘warm leads’ once more. 

If you get retargeting right, it will result in more sales.

Essential retargeting insights

To put the power of ad retargeting into perspective, here is a curated selection essential insights that you should know:

● Around three out of five US-based online buyers said they notice ads for products they've searched for on other sites. (eMarketer)

● Presently, one in five marketers now has a dedicated budget for retargeting. (Chango)

● 25% of online shoppers enjoy seeing retargeted ads. (CMO)

● Web visitors that are retargeted with relevant display ads are 70% more likely to convert. (Criteo)

● 91% of marketers that have leveraged ad retargeting strategies have found it to perform equally or even better than search, email, or other display ad formats. (IAB)

Real life awesome ad example

Driving native value through retargeting

As you’re no doubt aware at this point: ad retargeting drives significant levels of advertising value as it offers multiple chances to engage and convert prospects at times optimum times in their buyer journey.

Naturally, digital consumers may fail to convert after interacting with an advertisement for a number of reasons including not having their credit card details to hand, comparison shopping, external browsing distractions...the list goes on.

That said, your native advertisement may be perfectly placed, wonderfully crafted and grab the attention of your target audience - but, as you probably know, that doesn’t mean that everyone will commit to a purchase (or perform a desired action like signing up for a free trial or newsletter subscription).

If a prospect has engaged with your ad through a native network and ‘bounced’, you can leverage their data, or fragment or their ‘digital footprint’, to repurpose, or reinvent, the content to appeal to them at a slightly later stage. And, if your ad is targeted, relevant and appears at an opportune time - you could have a fresh conversion on your hands - bingo.

Take travel colossus Expedia, for instance…
Travel native ad example

By creating a sense of ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO) urgency, Expedia retargeted a segment of their audience that had previously interacted with their Facebook-based holiday deal ads - prompting increased click-through rates, and subsequently, conversions.

This tried-and-tested ad retargeting tactic is incredibly effective - and the last minute nature of the copy coupled an enticing banner image earned the brand a solid ROI for their efforts.

A clear case for ad retargeting in the native advertising space.

Final thoughts…

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.”  - Milan Kundera, Novelist, Playwright and Poet

Retargeting offers real value, particularly when it comes to your native advertising campaigns - and a failure to embrace it will only serve to slow down your commercial growth.

At Ad.Style, we’re dedicated to helping ambitious brands and businesses reach their full potential through the medium of native advertising.

Our cutting-edge ad retargeting feature allows advertisers to create a campaign for a selection of specific users who have already visited their website through other campaigns via our extensive, intuitive, and performance-driven ad network.

To date, our in-house technology and commitment to flawless quality have served 40 billion genuine ad impressions to more than 165 million site visitors each month on a global scale. We’ve also helped advertisers boost their click-through rates by an average of 67% - and our retargeting feature plays a pivotal role in our success.

If you’d like to know more about our retargeting solution, please do get in touch. And, to gain an insight on tackling wasted native advertising budgets, explore our full guide to bot fraud.