Everything You Need To Know About Native Advertising

Today's discerning Internet users aren't willing to settle for disruptive advertising content. They want a streamlined digital experience, in which every page and every moment drives value. Fail to live up to these high standards, and customers will be quick to move on.

The solution? Native advertising, which bypasses the ad-based disruptions of yesteryear and instead creates a cohesive experience that appeals to the modern user.

What Do Native Ads Look Like?

It's impossible to understand what native ads look like without answering the simple question: What are native ads? In short, this paid solution ensures that ads mimic the look and feel of surrounding content.

This native advertising definition diverges significantly from traditional online advertising, in which ads were easy to spot. For example, the banner ads that once dominated the digital sphere were impossible to miss — they were brightly colored and, by design, distinct from other on-page content.

Because native ads are meant to blend in with surrounding content, they are inherently versatile. They can be incorporated into any design, format, or platform imaginable. No one color scheme, font, or image style is preferred; it all comes down to creating a cohesive experience based on the other content that the target audience is expected to consume.

Why Use Native Ads?

Native ads ditch the intrusive styles of other advertising initiatives and instead capture user interest and loyalty by providing content that is both engaging and valuable. Users are aware that this content qualifies as advertising, but they don't mind, so long as it interests, entertains, or educates them.

As users become more resistant to traditional advertising campaigns, native marketing provides a compelling opportunity to get visitor attention without damaging the flow of an enjoyable user experience.

Where Do You See Native Ads?

Native advertising is extremely versatile. As long as they fit the design and flow of the surrounding content, these ads can be displayed on practically any platform imaginable. They're commonly seen on blogs, social media, and even search engine results pages.

Common native advertising examples include:

  • Carousel ads on Instagram or Facebook
  • Sponsored search results on Google or Bing
  • Major publisher websites, such as high-traffic news resources
  • Content recommendation sections near the end of niche blog posts

Which Native Ads Are Best for You?

Native ads are displayed as units, which can be placed strategically based on the existing page design — or according to objectives such as brand awareness or post-click engagement. Top formats include:

  • Homepage: Ideal for brand awareness campaigns, homepage placement attracts more attention than in- or below-content counterparts. This approach builds an authoritative perception, as ads are easily visible alongside already trusted and impactful content.
  • Within articles: Mid-article ads are among the most seamless, so they feel true to the ideals of native advertising: maintaining cohesive design and exceptional flow whenever possible. Meant to reach mobile users, these powerful ads can help publishers monetize a significant portion of their traffic.
  • Below content: Performance advertisers favor below-article placement, as this reaches users when they're most receptive to native marketing content. This approach produces impressive post-click engagement by capturing attention just as users are getting ready to jump to the next page.

Choosing the Right Native Advertising Platform

Native advertising represents the gold standard of modern digital marketing. Implemented correctly, this strategy delivers a seamless and highly enjoyable experience for users, as well as the opportunity for both advertisers and publishers to connect more authentically with audiences. The right native ad solution can amplify this effect.

When selecting native ad networks, aim for passion-driven services powered by cutting-edge technology. This is where AdStyle excels. We draw on the power of machine learning to determine which content will appeal most to specific audiences — but we also deliver a human touch, with the understanding that human connection forms the basis of any impactful native advertising campaign.

As you seek a more nuanced way to market your brand, look to AdStyle for insight. Our robust platform gives you full control over your native marketing campaign in addition to guidance as you make the most of this exciting opportunity. Sign up today to discover the power of native advertising.

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