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Google native ads place sponsored content on search engine results pages — but they are not to be confused with other, more versatile types of native advertising.

Native advertising has the power to tell stories, drive engagement, and deliver conversions. The concept seems simple: When ads fit cohesively into the content or media with which they’re displayed, the result is a lot more inviting and visually pleasing.

Online marketing providers offer a compelling chance to build on this concept. Sponsored search results seem to fit the bill: They match the format and style of the results page but also deliver genuine value to search engine users. While these Google native ads can drive results, however, they shouldn't replace alternate forms of native advertising.

What Are Google Native Ads?

Conduct a simple search on Google and you will almost certainly encounter native ads. With Google ads, native simply means that a specific component of the results page is sponsored but also resembles surrounding nonsponsored content.

This paid listing looks a lot like the actual top organic listing on the search engine results page (SERP) — but the simple designation “sponsored” suggests otherwise. This label appears directly above the URL for the sponsored business and, according to Google, is meant to make paid listings “distinguishable from search results.” Users are compelled to click the listings they come across first even if these are labeled “sponsored.”

Google Native Ads vs. AdStyle Native Ads

Google native ads promise to build awareness and drive traffic, but they are not to be confused with other types of native ads. The native content curated and optimized by AdStyle, for example, is meant to resemble articles or blog content, rather than simple search engine listings.

Both strategies can play positively into a larger-scale digital marketing strategy, but these solutions tend to capture different types of leads and at different points in the marketing funnel. Google native ads are inherently limited in scope and will only appeal to leads as they complete searches. Other native ads build on this concept to display dynamic content with a clear focus on when, where, and how it will prove most relevant.

The Rise of Native Ads

Native advertising is seeing a digital renaissance, sparked by consumers’ increasing demand for engaging online experiences that feel deeply curated. Many are happy to view advertising content, so long as it doesn’t detract from the overarching experience.

The most impactful strategies will integrate multiple types of native advertising. There is a definite role to be played by Google native ads, but these must be accompanied by more curated content and versatile strategies. These alternate forms of native ads aren’t limited to search engine results, but rather, can be displayed on social media, on major publishing platforms, or even within content recommendation lists.

Embrace the Future of Native Advertising

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