Bottom of Funnel Marketing With Native Ads

You've done the hard work of attracting leads' attention and building rapport. All that's left? Convincing them to convert. That's where bottom of funnel marketing comes into play.

The bottom of the funnel is where you encourage leads to take action. Done correctly, this will build on the momentum from the funnel's top and middle.

The goal? Simply put: to seal the deal. You want to feel confident that the time and effort you've dedicated to nurturing your leads will finally pay off.

Why Does the Bottom of the Funnel Matter?

The marketing funnel is typically divided into three main sections: the top (emphasizing brand awareness), the middle (building trust through lead nurturing), and the bottom. Every stage is important, but the bottom of the funnel is often neglected. Many assume that, once they've attracted leads, the rest of the process will play out positively, with little added effort on their end.

In reality, the bottom of the funnel is where the greatest risks and rewards converge. The right approach can produce powerful conversions — but there's still the potential to drive thoroughly nurtured leads away. This, in turn, could significantly diminish your return on investment. It takes a nuanced strategy to inspire action — and to ensure that down-funnel leads feel good about moving forward.

Native Advertising & Bottom of Funnel Marketing

Bottom of funnel marketing tactics are incredibly versatile. Any conversion-centered strategy belongs in this category. That being said, few techniques are as impactful as native advertising.

Native solutions place advertising content strategically, with the primary goal of making it look and feel consistent with the rest of the page. This shouldn't feel disruptive, but rather, like an integral part of the user's experience.

While they're typically associated with the top of the funnel, native ads can be just as useful further along in the process. This approach is best suited to conversion-driven ads that send audiences to product landing pages. There, down-funnel leads can promptly make purchases relevant to the content they've recently viewed. The entire experience should feel cohesive and, ultimately, satisfying.

AdStyle's Role in Bottom of Funnel Marketing

While native advertising can provide a significant boost for lower funnel marketing campaigns, proper timing is crucial. Before you proceed, you need to know exactly when and where native advertising will pay off. There is little room for error at this stage, so it helps to work with a trusted native advertising agency.

When in doubt, look to the experts at AdStyle for guidance. We fully understand the opportunities and challenges of native advertising, especially as it plays into lower funnel marketing. We also recognize that marketing providers have the power to shape impactful campaigns at the bottom of the funnel. To that end, we offer an easy-to-implement ad widget. This will ensure that audiences discover the targeted content they find most compelling.

Another benefit of working with AdStyle? Access to high-level analytics tools. These offer powerful insight into your campaign and potential areas for improvement. Additional insight is available from our account managers, who will support you every step of the way.

Close the Deal With Lower Funnel Advertising

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