Use Native Ads For Your Performance Marketing

The ultimate goal of any marketing initiative? Results — plain and simple. How they're defined and measured will vary from one campaign to the next, but you want to feel confident that your efforts make a difference.

Therein lies the appeal of performance marketing. This revolutionary approach bypasses the confusion of conventional marketing and instead focuses exclusively on measurable results.

Whether you need more impressions, clicks, or conversions, performance advertising can help you define and make quantifiable progress toward your most ambitious objectives. Just as importantly, this approach makes the most of every marketing dollar.

Performance marketing centers around an enticing promise: You only pay for results. If you don't score measurable improvements, you won't be charged.

Of course, implementation matters. This approach is only valuable if you reach the right people at the right time. The ideal solution will create a seamless experience for targeted consumers, leading not only to short-term results, but also a stronger brand perception that promotes impressive engagement over time.

If you need a nuanced, all-encompassing performance strategy that addresses both immediate goals and long-term objectives, native advertising is for you.

Is Native Advertising Considered Performance Marketing?

The terms native advertising and performance marketing reference distinct strategies, but these concepts are closely linked. Performance advertising references a wide array of solutions designed to produce measurable results. These are underscored by a highly transparent payment structure.

Meanwhile, native advertising represents one of many tools and channels available to the modern performance marketer. It satisfies the ongoing need for new and engaging content while giving publishers an opportunity to monetize their platforms. Meanwhile, the performance marketer has the opportunity to develop a highly strategic campaign centered around measurable goals involving brand awareness or lead generation.

Simply put, native advertising supports performance marketing. Together, they drive impactful campaigns that lead to engaged audiences and impressive results.

How Do Native Ads Work?

With an emphasis on cohesive design, native advertising bypasses the disruptive nature of traditional marketing. The overarching goal is to create a seamless experience in which ads mimic the look and feel of the platforms on which they're featured.

At first glance, native ads resemble standard content. They represent a clear departure from the display and banner ads that dominated the digital marketing scene in years past. Instead of making their mark as clearly identifiable ads, this paid content fits perfectly into the natural flow of any given page. This makes the experience more compelling and less disruptive for users. In turn, these users are more likely to engage, even when they're fully aware that they're viewing ads.

From sponsored social media posts to nuanced blog posts, native ads can take many forms. Often, they involve lists of articles that allow users to select the content they find most relevant. Even if they don't initially click, simple exposure allows you to market your brand and build awareness over time.

Regardless of content style or platform selection, the most effective native ad campaigns begin with goal setting. Also important? Tracking metrics that reveal when these goals have been reached.

Next up: planning and creating value-driven content designed to engage and entertain readers while driving a specific response. Finally, the campaign moves forward under the guidance of a native advertising platform such as AdStyle.

Native Ads: A Top Performance Marketing Channel

Today's discerning users make every effort to avoid obvious, disruptive advertising that distracts them from the purposeful content they crave. Native advertising provides a more nuanced approach, in which content provides clear value to the consumer but also encourages action-driven engagement.

Native advertising offers a next level take on performance marketing that meets audiences where they're at. Implemented correctly, this represents a win-win-win solution with strong benefits for advertisers, publishers, and consumers. This go-to method will reliably get visitor to click, and ultimately, convert.

Level Up Your Performance Marketing Campaign

On the hunt for a nuanced performance marketing solution that's easy to implement? Work with AdStyle to drive remarkable results via native advertising.

Our self-learning system matches users with the types of ads they're most likely to find compelling. Drawing on the power of machine-learning technology, we provide valuable support but also give you full control over your campaigns.

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