Top Of Funnel Marketing

The marketing funnel is a tried-and-tested concept that underscores every modern campaign. The first — and arguably most important — stage is known as top of funnel marketing. This is where brands primarily strive for awareness while attracting attention from as many leads as possible.

These days, top of funnel solutions are increasingly nuanced, with the understanding that discerning leads demand high-value content. This is where native advertising comes into play: It provides an engaging experience that introduces leads to your brand and builds positive associations that will carry through the remainder of the marketing funnel.

What Is Top of Funnel Marketing?

Top of funnel represents a critical phase in the marketing process when the goal is to appeal to a high quantity of leads. Sometimes referred to as the awareness or discovery stage, this is when audiences gain insight into relevant topics while also learning what sets your brand apart. If successful, this process will generate valuable leads, which can then be nurtured during the next phase of the marketing funnel.

Coordinating Top of Funnel Marketing & Native Advertising

Native advertising produces its own unique funnel that largely resembles traditional marketing processes but also has a few distinctions worth noting. By design, this strategy fits seamlessly into the top of the funnel, as both strategies emphasize connecting with leads while delivering insightful and entertaining content.

The curated nature of native advertising plays wonderfully into the top of funnel’s discovery phase, which aims to promote awareness above all else.

These ads elevate the typical discovery process, as leads do not face the disruptions associated with banner ads or other, less nuanced strategies. Rather, the goal is to build awareness while still amplifying the overarching web experience for targeted audiences.

Boost Top of Funnel Marketing With AdStyle’s Widget

There’s no denying the importance of top funnel advertising, but it’s also clear that many brands struggle to properly implement this phase of the marketing process. Native advertising providers can optimize this effort through targeted tools and services designed to remove the guesswork from the TOF stage.

Struggling to get started? Look to the team at AdStyle for assistance every step of the way. As a trusted native advertising agency, we provide targeted services designed to optimize your TOF marketing strategy:

  • Analytics & reporting. Through comprehensive reporting, we offer a valuable snapshot of how your top of funnel strategy is playing out and where you’ll find room for improvement. From impressions to clicks, you’ll gain real-time insights that help you determine your campaign’s impact and make adjustments as needed.
  • Account managers. Offering a personal, curated approach, our dedicated account managers are happy to answer your questions and steer you in the right direction. Our in-depth understanding of cutting-edge top of funnel marketing strategies will prove invaluable as you develop an effective campaign.
  • Ad widget. Expedite campaign development and implementation with our helpful ad widget. This ingenious tool works behind the scenes to analyze content and place ads where they’ll have the greatest impact.

Your Strategic Solution for Top Funnel Advertising

If you’re ready to boost your TOF marketing campaign via native advertising, reach out to discuss your vision with the AdStyle team.

We’re passionate about native ads and confident that our cutting-edge approach will deliver both the awareness and engagement you crave. Get in touch to learn about our company or to sign up for our digital marketing services.

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