What Is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a type of paid advertising in which the ads match the look, feel, and functionality of the media source where they appear. They feel like they’re naturally part of a website, thus the term “native ads.”

Unlike other types of advertising, native ads don’t disrupt the user’s interaction with the page, creating a seamless ad experience. Other former digital ad types as banners or videos often feel like randomly placed billboards, distracting users from experiencing the website they’re visiting.

More natural ad formats plus better relevance in terms of user mindset and intent make native advertising an essential tool for both publishers and advertisers alike in building their online presence. And this is the key to native advertising: an uninterrupted user experience (UX) on a web page that matches user mindset and intent.

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What are Native Ads?

Native ads display sponsored content on a publisher’s website.
They are usually placed right below an article so a user can continue consuming additional content recommendations after they’ve just finished reading their favorite news.

Native ads often appear as a list or “feed” of articles to give the user more choice. Usually native ads include an image, a short description and once clicked, will redirect the user to the promotional advertorial (advertising editorial) page of the brand.

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Benefits Of Native Advertising for Publishers

Publishers prioritize native ads because they allow them to effectively monetize their platforms without impacting the consumption of original content or harming the user experience (UX).

Convenient & Relevant

As journalism and advertising go hand-in-hand, at AdStyle, we deliver the most relevant and brand-safe ads so teams can focus on growth and provide exciting and engaging content to their readers.

Ads that don’t disrupt, provide value to the users, and increase revenue - that is what native ads are for publishers. Easy implementation is an additional key differentiator for native ads. Ad blocks can be customized across the publisher’s website, matching the feel and the look altogether.

Most importantly, the lightweight technology of AdStyle makes native ads appear seamlessly without any delay to the page load. Native ads also work across platforms and devices, allowing publishers to monetize at scale.

Benefits Of Native Advertising for Advertisers

Brands and advertisers love native ads. The clickthrough rates (CTR) tend to be higher than any other ad formats, and user engagement is much stronger. Native advertising maintains a cohesive overall user experience on a web page.

Not only are native ads more natural on web pages, but they are also being seen at precisely the right time as consumers are in the mindset to explore other relevant content, often right after finishing another article. As such, native ads are highly effective in influencing purchase behavior.

Native ad campaigns are great for advertisers because they can maximize ROAS by driving brand awareness, sales, and lead generation all at the same time. Native ads that have destination URLs that are other pieces of content such as text-based articles or videos allow advertisers to place users across various stages of the conversion funnel delicately.

Car Insurance Native Ad Example Family Products Native Ad Example

Users are more likely to view the native ads due to their native look and feel, as well as the mindset and intent relevance, advertisers are more successful in driving both brand awareness and direct response than with other ad formats, including display, banner, and video.

Native ads provide relevant content to consumers. While many consumers understand that native ads are a form of advertising, they welcome them because of their relevance, increasing overall efficacy for advertisers. Native advertising is good for advertisers, publishers, and users all at the same time.

How to start a Native Advertising Campaign?

You can start a native ad campaign in just a few minutes! And AdStyle can help you get up and running with highly effective native ad campaigns to drive brand awareness and direct response. As you think about getting started with native ads, here’s a helpful step-by-step guide


Determine Your Goal

Are you using native ads to build brand awareness, drive leads, sell a product/service, or all of the above? Having a clear idea of what success looks like will help you immensely reach your goal.


Determine Your Audience

Based on the goal you have with native digital advertising, next, you should think about what audience and targeting are most relevant to achieve this goal. It could be a specific demographic that is most relevant to the brand you are promoting, for example.


Create Content

While the ad copy that displays on publisher sites is important, it’s crucial to have content that is relevant, engaging, and, most importantly relevant to the goal you have set forward. For example, you might drive users to an article that is a review of the product you’re promoting, engaging the user to learn more and eventually purchase the product.


Find Native Advertising Platform

Finding the right native advertising platform can make or break your success with your brand or product. We have a list of questions below you can go through as you think about which platform will work best for you. At AdStyle, we pride ourselves on having a platform that fits advertisers of all shapes and sizes with the ultimate breadth and depth to succeed.

Reach out to us for more details on how to start your campaign with AdStyle.

Where My Native Ads Would Appear?

AdStyle’s Native Advertising Widget

Native ads appear across millions of publisher sites that have decided to monetize with native ads. From these millions of publisher sites, you are then in complete control of where your native ads appear! And it is vital to put some thought into where you want your native ads to appear.

Depending on the native advertising platform that you use, you can target publisher sites based on the audience criteria you select, essentially those which are most relevant for your ads. Be sure you do your research as not all native ad platforms are the same.

AdStyle works with a large number of high-quality publisher sites, including news, magazines, and highly trafficked content blogs. Your native ads can run on any of these sites with fully customizable targeting capabilities. Our system will learn around your campaign and match your ads to the most relevant audience based on other advertisers' campaigns and their results across the network.

As with other digital ad types, you can optimize your native ad targeting based on success metrics ranging from brand awareness to direct response conversions. You can continue to hone and optimize where your ads appear based on this. At Adstyle, our auto-optimization will do everything for you. Even if you’re a marketing guru, you’ll genuinely appreciate campaign results with no or little optimization needed from your side.

How Much Does Native Advertising Cost?

Our native advertising platform is a cost-effective way to achieve your goals with digital advertising. You can easily measure your return on investment (ROI), track performance, engagement, and optimize around results. The cost for native ads is typically higher than display ads, but the return on ad spend (ROAS) will almost always be significantly higher with native ads. Native ad pricing is decided by the advertiser when setting up the campaign. You can set up a specific CPC (cost-per-click) you’d like to pay, making it easy to change and achieve results.

You pay only when an interested user clicks on your ad, making CPC-based campaigns much more efficient than CPM (cost per mile) campaigns, where you pay based on impressions. Advertisers can get started with any monthly budget, but this will likely grow quickly as native advertising will demonstrate ROAS that meets and exceeds other ad formats. We’ve seen advertisers start with monthly budgets in the range of hundreds of dollars, grow exponentially as they see success with native ads, and proactively increase their ad spend to grow further.

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What to Look for in a Native Advertising Platform

Selecting a native advertising platform is an important decision – choosing the right network can make or break your success with native ads. There are many native advertising platforms out there, so here is a quick list of questions you can go through as you consider which native advertising platform you’d like to start with.


Audience: What is the reach and relevance of the publishing partner’s audience? The relevance is particularly important as you want the best performance for your ad campaigns. But the reach, or scale, is also important so you can drive meaningful impact.


Targeting: Does the platform provide performance-based audience targeting? Retargeting? Putting your native ads in front of the right people is a crucial factor in deciding which native advertising platform to work with.

account management

Account management: Will your native ad company help you every step of the way? Whether you’re new to native advertising or an agency with hundreds of accounts, having human support and resources will help ensure success.


Reporting: Are you able to create useful reports in a self-serve manner? Reporting at your fingertips is very important. No one wants to wait 24 hours to get vital reporting to help inform performance and optimizations.

partner relationships

Partner relationships: Does the platform have direct relationships with key publishing partners? Working with publishing partners on custom ad buys and placement can make a big difference for your ad campaigns, so finding a platform with direct relationships is essential.


Tracking: Can you granularly track all types of conversions and events you want? The holy grail of online advertising and a very important part of a native advertising platform – solid tracking that will help understand and increase performance of your campaigns.

creative development

Creative development: Does the native advertising software help you create native ads? Getting started with native ad creation can be tricky as native ads require a “native” understanding of publisher sites, so having a little help with creating your ads can get you started off on the right foot – always better to lead with success.

creative development

Why We Stand Apart Among Native Advertising Companies: Unlike other native ad platforms, we fit advertisers of all shapes and sizes, providing them with the ultimate depth and breadth they need to be successful. Our clients have come to trust us to increase conversion rates for advertisers and boost revenue for publishers. This is why so many of them have formed long-standing relationships with us. We believe this is a major component of what makes us one of the top native advertising companies serving the marketplace today.

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