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help-icon How do I create a campaign?

Go to the Sign Up/Sign In page.   Once signed in, click on Campaigns located in the menu on the left.   Click the New Campaign button at the top.   Name your campaign.   Select countries or groups (Asia, Europe, Africa, America, Other countries) to geo-target. You can expand the list by clicking on the +(plus) button next to every group.   Enter the CPCs (cost-per-click) for Desktop,...

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help-icon What do you consider when reviewing content?

This policy is provided for general guidance only.   All images, headlines, and landing pages must comply with applicable laws, regulations and codes.  Ad.Style reserves the right to reject any content for any reason. Content Headline Must contain correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization Must not make any unsubstantiated or misleading claims Must not attack other products or competitors Must be related to the underlying content and must not be sensational

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help-icon How do I create successful campaigns?

To build a succesful campaign, you need to aproach the ad strategy correctly. Creating succesfull ad items is a crucial stage toward positive results at any marketing funnel - from concederation, to lead generation and conversion. Keep in mind, that user expectations should match the information on the landing page to increase interest and engagement. What is an ad item? Each ad includes an image and a headline describing your campaign.  The image should visually explain the product, service or topic your campaign is promoti...

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help-icon How can I increase campaign traffic volume?

Ad.Style is a performance-based network and our algorithms promote content based on eCPM, which is a combination of the CPC (cost per click) and CTR (click through rate).  The more competitive your CPC and CTR, the more volume your campaigns will receive. CPC Adjustments: Increasing your CPC is the single most important factor to boost traffic volume for your campaign. To increase your traffic volume, adjust your CPC with a significant increase, rather than an incremental increase.  Due to network competiti...

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help-icon Can I custom my ads to specific content type?

As an advertiser, each of your ads associated with a specific rating. The content rating will indicate either a G, PG, PG-13 or R rating. NOTE:  To maximize volume, be sure to create ads that receive content ratings across all the rating categories.  Ads that receive higher ratings may get higher CTRs while ads with lower ratings are able to serve in many more placements and are eligible for more impressions. See a general description of each rating below:  ...

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help-icon How to Set Up Conversions Tracking?

Conversion pixel a powerful tool that helps to understand what is effective for your campaign in achieving desired results.  Gathering data on the converted visitors helps you to connect the dots of what drives valuable actions on your website and optimize accordingly. It allows you to learn which sources, ads, and devices bring you more "conversions" - as if someone purchased your product, signed up for the newsletter or filled out the form, right on the Ad.Style dashboard.  Dynamic Values for Tracking Paramet...

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