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Can I custom my ads to specific content type?

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As an advertiser, each of your ads associated with a specific rating.

The content rating will indicate either a G, PG, PG-13 or R rating.

NOTE:  To maximize volume, be sure to create ads that receive content ratings across all the rating categories.  Ads that receive higher ratings may get higher CTRs while ads with lower ratings are able to serve in many more placements and are eligible for more impressions.

See a general description of each rating below:

G: Absolutely no suggestive content of any kind, including images of people showing any amount of skin.

PG: No sex-related or sensual content. Tasteful imagery associated with topics such as swimwear and fitness may include skin.

PG-13: Content includes sexual topics or non-explicit suggestive imagery. Includes terms and images that may be considered “sexy”.

R: All of our sponsored content can be shown here. Content may be sexual in nature.  Ad content does NOT contain nudity, pornography or explicit sex. 



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