Ad.Style Glossary

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Ad – Ads are units implemented on publisher website.

Account - Your account is associated with your unique email address, password, and your billing information. Your account consists of one or more campaigns.

Average CPC -The average amount you have been charged per click. This is calculated by dividing the total cost of your clicks by the total number of clicks.

Campaign - Your campaign is where you set the daily budget limitation, and CPC, as well as the audience you want to target. Your campaigns contain one or more ads.

Clicks - The total number of user clicks your campaign items(ads) received.

Conversion - When a user takes a desired action on your landing page. A conversion could be a product purchase, a
pageview, an email sign up or another type of action that is valuable to you and your business.

CPC (Cost Per Click) - This is the amount you pay for each click on one of your campaign items.

Destination URL - The URL of the web page to which you want to direct users who click on your campaign items. This could be any type of web page, such as a gallery, blog, article or video.

Impressions - The total number of times users saw your campaign items(ads). Each time each ad is displayed, it’s counted as one impression.

Landing Pages - Where your users arrive after they click your campaign items. The better the landing page experience is, the easier it is for your users to navigate through it.

Prepayment Billing - With this type of billing, you will need to pay before your campaigns can run. For example, if you pay $500 to start, you will be able to run campaigns with up to $500 in spend before needing to make another payment to keep your campaigns live.

Spending Limit - Your budget for your campaign. This is the maximum you are willing to spend within a set timeframe for your campaign, either daily or for the entire campaign.

Spent - This is the total spend for your campaign for a selected time period.

Image - The thumbnail that will appear above the title in Ad.Style placements.

Headline - The title for your campaign item that will show under the thumbnails.