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Ad.Style is a leading platform for content recommendations,

helping worldwide users to discover new and interesting content on a daily basis,

spread across their favorite editorial websites.


Our main focus is finding the perfect match between ads and

the users who are bound to take interest in them, click and (if it’s part of the campaign) convert. 


We help brands, marketing experts, media buyers, and agencies to promote their product,

brand or site and reach an audience with the highest potential of engaging with them. 


The perfect match between users and their desired content is performed by

an ever-evolving advanced customer-to-ad algorithm, across the world’s leading websites.


Ad.Style provides its advertisers leading tools for optimization such

as an advanced fraud-detection program that blocks bots and false clicks from engaging with their content,

and a self-learning algorithm that optimizes every campaign

so it’ll meet the eyes of users who are absolute engagers of your content.


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