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Can I adjust the type of sponsored content displayed?

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All sponsored content is screened internally to ensure that it is appropriate for general audiences. However, some publishers are more sensitive to the types of content they want on their website than others.

Ad.Style offers a way to customize the type of sponsored content that will appear in your widget by content rating.

NOTE: Limiting the types of ads that can appear in your widget can dramatically reduce its profitability.

Content rating loosely follows the same format used for movie ratings: G is the most conservative and R the least conservative. 

A widget with a less conservative rating does not mean you will always see that type of content; it means that you are allowing that type of content to serve if it performs well for your site.

See a general description of each rating below:

G: Absolutely no suggestive content of any kind, including images of people showing any amount of skin.

PG: No sex-related or sensual content. Tasteful imagery associated with topics such as swimwear and fitness may include skin.

PG-13: Content includes sexual topics or non-explicit suggestive imagery. Includes terms and images that may be considered “sexy”.

R: All of our sponsored content can be shown here. Content may be sexual in nature.  Ad content does NOT contain nudity, pornography or explicit sex. 

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