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help-icon How can the Ad.Style widget generate revenue for me?

Ad.Style widgets can be set up to display varying amounts of sponsored content from 3rd party websites.   When displaying sponsored content, the publisher can easily generate additional revenue every time a user clicks on a piece of branded content in the widget and is redirected to the advertiser’s content. Over time, Ad.Style will learn and optimize to show sponsored content that performs the best for you.  

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help-icon How and When will I get paid?

The payments to publishers are sent on the 30th of the following month, provided that you have earned at least $50.00 in unpaid revenue. Example: For March earnings, Ad.Style will transfer payment on the 30th of April.  It will take approximately 3-5 business days (in the U.S.) and 7-10 days (outside the U.S.) to receive payment depending on your selected payment method. The following payment methods are available: Direct Deposit (US accounts only), Wire Transfer (international), PayPal. Please visit the "Payment Method" page t...

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help-icon Can I adjust the type of sponsored content displayed?

All sponsored content is screened internally to ensure that it is appropriate for general audiences. However, some publishers are more sensitive to the types of content they want on their website than others. Ad.Style offers a way to customize the type of sponsored content that will appear in your widget by content rating. NOTE: Limiting the types of ads that can appear in your widget can dramatically reduce its profitability. Content rating loosely follows the same format used for movie ratings: G is the most conserv...

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help-icon How do I install the widget on my website?

If you just getting started - Make sure you Sign up as a Publisher.  Go to the Dashboard. Under “Widgets”, click on the "New Widget" button. Customize your widget with our flexible tools. Click "Save" button in order to receive the widget installation code. Copy this code and paste in on your website where you’d like the widget to appear. If you already created a wi...

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help-icon How can I maximize user interaction with my widget?

Widget performance can be impacted by a number of factors, such as its location on your site, your user base, and how your widget is presented visually. Following the guidelines below will help your widget achieve its best performance, whether your goal is earning revenue or increasing engagement.   Keep styles compact and images large -  In most cases, we recommend using or starting with the 3×3 desktop/tablet layout when placed below the main content and 1 column on mobile.   Don’t...

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